For the past 30 Years I have been a London Taxi driver (Iconic black cab). Whilst meandering the streets of London I often envisage a photograph and work diligently towards capturing an image using my creative abilities.

After many years taking photographs I continue to be thrilled when I find or create an image. To stretch and hone my skills each month I choose a subject and strive to produce creative images, I find this a valuable exercise and challenge. It is a personal achievement to confront myself with subject matter I have not tried before.

As a small business I produce images for a website builder that include various trades and professions. Examples can be viewed on my links page. My ethos is that the photographs should be of maximum quality to showcase the product/business, to achieve this I use a full frame camera and shoot raw files. I further enhance the end product by utilising my Photoshop skills to give a polished image. Please find 'before and after' images in the gallery section where I display some of my skills.

If you are interested in having a tailor made photoshoot for your business or event please email me via the contacts page.