Welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy viewing some of my images. Serious photography began for me around 1975 using Olympus film cameras. Mono was always my preferred medium. I studied Ansel Adams Zone System in my quest for quality images. Until then I was constantly frustrated with flat and uninteresting prints. I am happy to say they improved dramatically.

I still aim for quality and near perfection in my images and with the onset of Digital photography plus Photoshop I like to think I am achieving it, to a degree at least. Being critical of my own work has been my own way of spurring myself on to improve.

To help myself on my journey I use a Canon Full frame camera and quality lenses. I also believe it is important to use a tripod if possible. My passion has never waivered and my motto is, take your photos for yourself and if others like them that is fine but if they do not that is also fine. Be true to yourself first and foremost.